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Hiring Cyber Security Talent

Posted in May 2023

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There are many verticals we specialize in here at Glocomms across the cyber security space, each with their own unique hiring trends. Here is a brief overview of some of the cyber security developments we are seeing across manufacturing, health technology, media & entertainment, and SaaS.


Cyber security is a fundamental challenge for any business leader, but manufacturing has officially overtaken financial services, healthcare, and insurance, to become the world’s most attacked sector[i], due to increases in reconnaissance targeting. As more supply chains and manufacturing facilities embrace digital software for efficiency reasons, there is the dual challenge of losing precious time to mitigating cyber-attacks.

This presents the industry with an acute need for more cyber security professionals to prevent such attacks, but with a tight talent pool, competition for the best professionals is high. Europe’s automotive manufacturing and supply chain companies[ii]saw demand rising for cyber security professionals more than any other industry last year. This figure is compiled by GlobalData, whose thematic approach groups company activity to see which organizations can best weather disruptions and tackle issues “that keeps a CEO awake at night.”

Health Technology

The threat to healthcare and healthtech from cyber-attacks cannot be understated – 32% of healthcare security leaders said they had to divert patients to other providers after cyber-attacks, according to Imprivata’s report[iii], a digital identity company for life and mission-critical industries. ECRI[iv], a non-profit that focuses on healthcare technology and safety, also cites cloud security in its list of, ‘Top 10 Health Technology Hazards for 2023.’

There is a greater need for cyber security professionals who can protect patient data as the healthcare industry becomes more reliant on technology. Medical institutions also need to create a culture of cyber security, to assist cyber experts when they come into the business.

Media & Entertainment

You may recall the leaking of the script for the James Bond movie ‘Spectre’[v], which highlighted how vulnerable the media & entertainment industry can be to cyber-attacks. Streaming services such as Netflix have also seen their own customer data breaches, with ransomware authors also becoming more adept at finding vulnerabilities, and thus exploiting them[vi]. So, how can the industry protect itself?

Ultimately media & entertainment platforms need to invest in cyber software and professionals. Household names can utilize their brand power to attract talent and invest profits back into internships to enable new talent to enter the market in the future. Thinking long-term and planning for the talent of tomorrow is one strategy to future-proof an organization, because large-scale media & entertainment names cannot afford the reputable fallout of security breaches.


The popularity of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms is only going to grow, and the more applications an organization has in its tech stack, the greater the risk of cyber breaches. This means it is crucial to keep up with cyber security developments to maintain customer trust and platform integrity.

According to Forbes[vii], “SaaS security is unique because of the velocity of new SaaS being adopted and the decentralized purchasing decision process. These two things combined break the traditional cybersecurity frameworks.”

While business leaders and CISOs must adopt a risk mindset, whether working for a SaaS company or using one as a customer, the reality is that one way to mitigate cyber threats is to consider hazards outside of the software itself. Cyber experts can be employed to also educate users and have visibility over data transmissions. Often organizations are at the mercy of employees exposing information, therefore businesses must find talent that can not only lead it securely, but also has soft skills in teaching colleagues and training the wider organization on best practice.

A number of industries are competing for the same cyber security talent. There are different push and pull factors dependent on the individual being hired, so a nuanced approach as opposed to a one-size-fits-all strategy will result in talent being more attracted to a business.

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