• The Strategic Importance of Network Security: Beyond the Tech

    8 months ago

    In today's digital era, where every facet of business is intricately intertwined with technology, network security is a growing concern. But while it's often pigeonholed as a purely technical issue, this viewpoint misses the broader implications. Network security is not only about firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and encryption; it's about strategy.A Strategic Defense...

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  • Hiring Cyber Security Talent

    11 months ago

    There are many verticals we specialize in here at Glocomms across the cyber security space, each with their own unique hiring trends. Here is a brief overview of some of the cyber security developments we are seeing across manufacturing, health technology, media & entertainment, and SaaS. ManufacturingCyber security is a fundamental challenge for any business leader, but man...

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    Hiring Cyber Security Talent
  • Cyber Security Talent Insights

    12 months ago

    ​​The cyber security market is predicted to grow to $266 billion by 2027, but with opportunity comes many risks, disruptions and challenges. With skilled business-critical cyber security professionals in high demand, companies must develop effective hiring solutions to capitalize on the market and protect their systems, networks, and data against cyber attacks and security...

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  • Three IoT Cybersecurity Trends For 2019

    almost 5 years ago by Lara Edgcombe

    ​As the world becomes more connected, the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to expand. Gartner forecasts that 14.2 billion connected things will be in use during 2019, rising to 25 billion by 2021.In the wake of this increased connectivity, cybersecurity breaches emerged as the #1 concern for US CEOs at this year’s World Economic Forum. Here, we explore three key cybersecur...

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  • How to Get Ahead in Cybersecurity

    over 5 years ago

    ​A career in cybersecurity is one of the most sought after in the tech field and can be a fulfilling and lucrative option for talented and ambitious professionals. Cybersecurity experts play a vital role in keeping their employers and their customers safe while online. But to succeed requires specific qualifications and experience.Here we take a look at how to get ahead in t...

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    How To Get Ahead
  • Cybersecurity Market Update

    about 6 years ago by Lara Edgcombe

    ​Glocomms' insight on the 2018 Cybersecurity Landscape Across the End-User and Vendor ArenasIntroductionGlocomms was founded on the premise of Cybersecurity becoming the most in-demand and integral part of technology across all industries. In 2017, we saw a multitude of high-profile cyberattacks targeting various companies including Uber, Deloitte and Equifax with the most p...

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  • Cyber Security Talent Needed Amid Rising Cyber Threats

    almost 7 years ago by Lara Edgcombe

    ​​The cyber security industry is under mounting pressure. As cyber-attacks become more common and the amount of data stored online increases (not only in volume but also in sensitivity) most industries are naturally growing concerned at the exponential growth of cybercrime. A report from Ponemon Institute found that 47% of the 662 IT professionals questioned have experienced...

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  • Cyber threats in the aviation, aerospace and defense sectors

    about 7 years ago by Lara Edgcombe

    ​Cyber security is a rising concern across a number of industries but, for some sectors, such as aviation, aerospace and defence, cyber attacks pose potentially disastrous ramifications. As a result, groups such as airlines and aircraft manufacturers are collaborating to tackle this emerging threat, head on.Cyber attacks on the riseThe Director of Strategy & Safety Managemen...

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  • Cybersecurity Salaries are on the Rise - Are you Ready?

    over 7 years ago by Lara Edgcombe

    ​Do you have a strategy for attracting IT security talent in the next few years? This is a field in which demand is far outstripping supply and leaving positions vacant can have serious consequences. How will you attract and retain experienced professionals?According to a recent survey by Intel Security and Vanson Bourne, there are 209,000 unfilled security jobs in the US. G...

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  • The Cyber Security Challenge

    over 7 years ago by Lara Edgcombe

    ​Reports indicate that the cyber security market is due to dramatically expand in the following few years, with new technologies emerging and the need for such technologies increasing.The proliferation of connected devices, services like the Cloud and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) practices means that the threat of cyber-attack is now growing faster than ever and, as a result...

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