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Welcome to Glocomms, your trusted partner in the world of Data & Analytics. We specialize in connecting top-tier organizations with exceptional talent in this rapidly evolving field. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to helping businesses unlock the full potential of their data through cutting-edge analytics solutions. Whether you're seeking the perfect candidate to drive your data strategy, or are a skilled professional looking for exciting career opportunities, contact us for a confidential discussion.

The future of Data & Analytics is poised for remarkable growth and transformation. As organizations continue to collect vast amounts of data, the ability to make data-driven decisions is becoming increasingly crucial. This will create new opportunities and challenges for Data & Analytics professionals, but the demand for skilled data scientists, data engineers, and analysts will skyrocket as businesses strive to leverage their data to gain a competitive edge, optimize operations, and drive innovation. At Glocomms, we understand these evolving needs and are here to connect you with the right talent or exciting career opportunities in the dynamic Data & Analytics sector.

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Our Data & Analytics recruitment specialists help growing technology businesses source the right go-to-market strategy talent, manage the recruitment process, and facilitate onboarding. With multi-lingual language support, we provide international recruitment expertise to secure business-critical talent across Europe.

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We have a decade’s worth of Data & Analytics experience as a leading technology talent partner.


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Our award-winning talent specialists offer bespoke, tailored guidance on the latest hiring trends.

At Glocomms, we are dedicated to cultivating long-lasting partnerships grounded in trust, honesty, and shared prosperity. Our commitment lies in delivering tailored solutions that align with your unique business goals and Data & Analytics recruitment preferences. Whether you seek immediate placement for pivotal roles or require ongoing strategic talent acquisition solutions, our arsenal of resources and experitse ensures successful outcomes. Share your vacancy with us today.

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Data & Analytics Jobs

With the rise of Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT), the volume, variety, and velocity of data are set to exponentially increase. This presents endless opportunities for Data & Analytics professionals, as businesses seek to leverage their data for innovation. At Glocomms, we understand these evolving needs and are committed to finding you the best Data & Analytics career opportunities.

AI Engineer

AI Engineer - Denver, USA We are a dynamic and fast-growing company seeking an exceptional AI Engineer to join our team in Denver, USA. As an AI Engineer, you will be responsible for designing and developing advanced AI tools using Go, developing and implementing models with TensorFlow, Keras, or Pytorch, optimizing complex paths for efficiency gains, and applying neural network knowledge to solve real-world problems unique to our sector. We are looking for a candidate with a strong background in artificial intelligence and a passion for creating groundbreaking solutions. The successful candidate will have a proven track record of designing and implementing AI tools using Go, along with expertise in one or more of the following: TensorFlow, Keras, or Pytorch. In addition, you should have experience with path optimization and be able to demonstrate your ability to optimize complex paths for efficiency gains. As an AI Engineer, you will be working on cutting-edge projects in a fast-paced environment. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with a talented team of developers and data scientists, with the goal of creating innovative solutions that will shape the future of AI. In addition to possessing the essential skills, we are looking for a candidate with supply chain experience combined with expertise in neural networks. You should be able to demonstrate your ability to apply neural network knowledge to solve real-world problems unique to our sector. At our company, we value teamwork, creativity, and innovation. If you are eager to embark on a challenging and rewarding career path, and are ready to shape the future of AI, we encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity. Join us today and become part of a team that is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of AI.

US$120000 - US$150000 per year

Lead Data Scientist

Responsibilities: Work with large and complex data sets, solving challenging and non-routine analytical problems using advanced methods as necessary. This includes data gathering, requirements specification, processing, analysis, ongoing deliverables, and presentations. Build and prototype analytical pipelines iteratively to deliver insights at scale. Develop an in-depth understanding of TikTok's data structures and metrics, advocating for changes as needed to support product development. Collaborate cross-functionally to make business recommendations (e.g., cost-benefit analysis, forecasting, experiment analysis) and effectively present findings to stakeholders at various levels using visual displays of quantitative information. Research and develop methods for analysis, forecasting, and optimization to enhance the quality of TikTok's ad products. Minimum Requirements: Master's degree or PhD in a quantitative field (e.g., Statistics, Operations Research, Economics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics) or equivalent practical experience. Over 5 years of relevant work experience, including expertise in statistical data analysis such as linear models, multivariate analysis, stochastic models, and sampling methods. Experience with statistical software (e.g., R, Python, MATLAB) and database languages (e.g., SQL). Proven leadership and self-direction, with a willingness to both teach others and learn new techniques. Proficiency in selecting the appropriate statistical tools for different data analysis problems. Strong written and verbal communication skills.

US$200000 - US$500000 per year
San Francisco

Data & Analytics News & Insights

Hiring Business Critical Talent Through Video Interview Image

Hiring Business Critical Talent Through Video Interview

The hiring process in the UK has changed dramatically for many companies due to the Covid-19 epidemic. While somecompanies in the tech sector are slowing down their hiring process,  for others, the demand for business-critical talent remains as strong as ever.Although this is trying times, the availability of technology enables businesses to continue hiring processes virtually. There are even additional benefits in adding video interviews into your hiring process with many companies arguing this helps increase diversity by removing any geographical barriers, as well as improving candidates’availability as they are more flexible when working from home.Download our guide for tips on how successfully hire using video interviews. This includes ensuring they are the cultural fit, which can be difficult over video interview, and changing your usual interviewing process to adapt to the new technological changes.Download now.

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How to Ace a Virtual Interview Image

How to Ace a Virtual Interview

As the Covid-19 epidemic continues, an estimated 20 million people will now be working from home in the UK. For many, this means the prospect of doing virtual interviews at home rather than the usual in person, which requires new set ofskills and practices.Even for professionals in the tech sector, video interviews can prove nerve wracking, as you are entirelydependent on the technology to work. Moreover, while it is vital with any interview that you shine, this can prove more difficult when on a video interview. Body language is harder to read and the video connection can be glitchy.This guide runs through the best video interview practices to help you succeed. From a checklist to ensure your connection is set up and ready, to the best ways to present yourself and make the right first impression.Download our guide now.

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Dreading Blue Monday? Cheer Up With These Top 5 Tips Image
career advice

Dreading Blue Monday? Cheer Up With These Top 5 Tips

The dreaded Blue Monday is just around the corner. In the UK, January spells bad weather, a serious lack of sunlight, and the longest wait for the holidays to come around again. No wonder you can be left feeling so miserable. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) affects one in three of us. So is it any surprise that the 3rd week of January is now known as Blue Monday? AKA the most depressing day of the year.We know the demand placed on tech professionals: a constantly full inbox, playing catch-up after the festive period, and putting out fires left to right (sound familiar?). You’ve probably had time to prepare yourself for your January workload—but can you ever anticipate the reality of being back to work?Just remember with Blue Monday (or any Monday) it’s important to take time for yourself. Find ways to make this day more manageable. If this doesn’t sound possible, then it’s time to find a new job that will stop you dreading, and feeling, the inevitable work blues. Read our 5 recommended ways to help you cope with the worst Monday of the year!

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Can AI Supercharge Your Hiring Process? Image

Can AI Supercharge Your Hiring Process?

​​Artificial intelligence holds massive potential for recruitment. From screening through to final hire, automation, natural language learning and predictive analytics are being used at every stage of the journey to schedule, interview, assess and predict candidate performance. Should you use artificial intelligence to supercharge your hiring process? Download our guide.​​​

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How to Look Beyond the CV to Find the Right Talent Image

How to Look Beyond the CV to Find the Right Talent

​Jobs within the UK tech industry often receive a flood of applications where many candidates will tick the right boxes for the required skills. As a hiring manager, you will need to look beyond the qualifications and experience on the CV to find candidates who will be a great fit for the culture and working approach of your company. Looking at elements of the application such as the personalisation of the cover letter and how the candidates approach a task set for an interview will give you a much better sense of their enthusiasm, personality and suitability for the job. This guide provides tips on how to look beyond the CV to find the right talent for your company, including spotting the personality types which will help your company thrive and provide long-term value. ​​​

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How to Help a New Employee Relocate Image

How to Help a New Employee Relocate

​When you are seeking top talent from around the globe, valuable and highly skilled workers will be expecting a generous relocation assistance package to help make their move to another city, or even another country, worth the stress and disruption. Putting together this package will make it easier for the best talent to accept your job offer within the UK technology sector. This guide will help you put together a job relocation package which will attract high quality talent to your location and add significant value and innovation to your business. Not only will you make a great hire, but they will also feel great about their decision to join your company. ​​

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Analytics Market Update & Salary Report 2017 Image

Analytics Market Update & Salary Report 2017

​Analytics in the Spotlight2016 has been another great year for Data Analytics with more companies than ever before investing in analytical technologies globally; a trend set to continue into 2017. However, data intelligence was heavily scrutinised throughout the year and data analysis was placed firmly in the media spotlight during two of the biggest political events of the year, Brexit and the US Presidential Election. The inconsistent polling data during the EU Referendum and US Election has largely called into question the reliability ofanalyticaltechnology.What can we expect in 2017?This paper aims to provide a commentary and insight on the Analytics market in 2016 and a 2017 outlook of key trends in the talent pool, including:Artificial Intelligence (AI)Smart CitiesBehavioural AnalyticsTalent DiversityCloud AnalyticsShortage of TalentAlthough these events have not currentlyhadany major effect on the market growth of analytics, there will be increased pressure on analytical data provided; especially surrounding polling data analytics and future voting.​Trends & Talent Challenges 2017a. Artificial Intelligence (AI)Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been chosen by Gartner as the No.1 strategic technology trend to watch for in 2017.Machine learning was one of the highest sought after skillsets of 2016 and, with ever-evolving AI algorithms, looks to remain one of the hottest skillsofthe coming year. Companies are relying more upon Real-Time Data Analysis and Statistical Analysis than ever before to increase business success, which has subsequently led to a rise of Advanced Analytics projects, where AI is an essential component.What does thismeansfor hiring across APAC?Throughout 2017 we expect to see Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning being the most in-demand skill of the year. While companies are growing their teams, it is clear that in regions, like Singapore and Hong Kong, there will be a drive to encourage more Computer Science Degrees at universities. This initiative will drive home-grown talent in the market for future years, whilst also hiring from other technical analytical areas (such as Business Intelligence) and cross training them to bridge the skills gap.b. Smart CitiesSingapore is one of the pioneering nations for the Smart City revolution. With the increase in IoT (Internet of Things), Security and Big Data, the Smart City is the global aim for many other locations. Access to emerging technologies allows a wider reach of analytics information which in turn, allows governments to improve urban living, including infrastructure, healthcare, transport and other services. Many technology companies are heavily involved in the growth of this ‘smart city’ revolution, with development projects focused more on the idea.What does thismeansfor hiring across APAC?With Singapore and Hong Kong being the prototype or implementer in many smart city revolutions; for example the driverless vehicles, the need for IoT expertise is going to dramatically increase. 2017 will show Internet of Things as a key requirement in many industries. Similar to AI, there will be an uptake required on hiring from other analytical technologies with the intention to cross train into IoT, as emerging technologies inevitably see a skills shortage during early stages of the technology life-cycle. There will be a surge in self-training as talent with initiative to learn will be a hot commodity and bridge the gap for potential employers.c. Behavioural AnalyticsWithin theecommerceindustry, behavioural analytics is becoming essential for business success. Forbes highlights that 2016 was the first year in US history that digital advertising exceeded TV spending, with digital ads holding 36.8% of the market share. This will only continue to increase with the development of behavioural analytics. The ability to predict consumer behaviour using analytical technology is particularly important within the Asia Pacific market, due to the rise ofecommerceand technology start-up over the last 5 years.What does this means for hiring across APAC?2017 will likely see a rise in experienced candidates across; Insights, Behavioural and Consumer Analytics. There will be an even bigger demand for talent in the commercial space ofecommerceand retail. In addition, we will see growth of the Technology Sales market; aimed at revenue generation in Behavioural Analytics specialist technology.d. Talent DiversityIt is no secret that there is a global strive for diversity in all major industries; the Analytics and Technology space is no exception. One of the main hiring focuses for 2017 is to bring more gender diversity into technology careers.From a broad perspective, in Singapore’sworkforcethere has been a decrease of women in STEM professional occupations from 22% in 2015 down to 21% in 2016.However, in the technology sector there has been an increase of 4400 more women entering the field since 2015, and as a technicalengineerthe overall year increase rose from 18% to 19%. Albeit, these numbers are small, it does show that technology in Singapore is on the rise as a chosen career path. There is still a large shortage of women in technology in Singapore, of which there will be a growing demand in 2017.e. Cloud Analytics‘Cloud’ is still one of the biggest buzzwords in the technology market and will remain so into the coming year. Companies are continuing to invest incloud basedsolutions and place more reliability in cloud technology. For Cloud Analytics, this means that more analytical technology elements including; data models, data storage, sources and applications which will be cloud based rather than on premise.For talent; there is a major skills gap in cloud knowledge; cross training is the only solution to invest in candidates who can overlap between Cloud and Analytics talent pools, particularly in areas such as Big Data, where there is already a shortage of candidates. Companies must be willing to pay the price for people who have 5+ years’ experience.f. Shortage of TalentWith the fast growth of emerging technology the talent shortage is a rising problem in theAsia Pacificregion; particularly in the financial hubs of Singapore and Hong Kong where local specialised talent is low. Companies are struggling to get projects started or completed due to a lack of talent, consequently causing a delay in technological advancements in the Analytics area.A large shortage is arising in the region because many candidates possess either technical or business facing skills rather a balance of both, Analytics roles often require both.This thereforemeans that the APAC market is a candidate driven one with huge talent dearth.In order to bridge this talent gap, employers need to either look at hiring candidates with transferable skills and providing training on missing areas or hiring talent from overseas / attracting Singaporean technical candidates back home who have moved overseas. In addition, employers will need to acknowledge this lack of talent by offering candidates with these high demand skills a suitable pay increase before their competition does.​APAC Analytics market hiringFrom a recent survey of Glocomms clients, the biggest need in 2017 will be for candidates to have multiple technical competencies that show variety, agility and adaptability to change in the fast-moving technology world. Particular experience preferred, in addition to the earlier mentioned, is Cloud Infrastructure, Cyber Security, DevOps and Agile. Within the SME environment, clients most likely prefer a mix of techstart upstyleof working with the ability to engage traditionally with upper management.​Analytics Technology to watchArtificial Intelligence & Machine LearningBig DataBehavioural AnalyticsInternet of ThingsSmart CitiesCloud AnalyticsDigital AnalyticsInsights Augmented RealityBusiness IntelligenceMost Hired Analytics in 2017Data ScientistData AnalystData ArchitectAnalytics ManagerData Engineer

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