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Finding the Perfect Cloud Professionals: From Azure to AWS

Posted in May 2024

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In today's tech-driven business environment, 78% of executives in a PwC survey disclosed that their companies have fully embraced cloud computing across various aspects of their operations. This highlights the increasing reliance on cloud technology in today's businesses as they strive for innovation and operational efficiency.

Within this shift towards cloud-centric operations, specialised cloud services have become essential, providing tailored solutions to meet specific organisational requirements within the broader cloud market.

However, companies are facing a significant challenge: the scarcity of technology experts proficient in these specialised domains is similar to searching for a digital needle in a haystack. Consequently, the search for professionals skilled in public, private, and hybrid cloud environments, as well as in PaaS/IaaS platforms such as Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud, has become increasingly daunting.

Why Are Niche Cloud Services So Important?

What makes niche cloud services so useful? Customisation. Whether it's a private, public, or hybrid cloud, these services must align precisely with the unique needs of a business. Off-the-shelf solutions often fall short, particularly when stringent security measures or regulatory compliance are essential.

The Public Cloud

Consider public clouds, for instance. While Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud offer extensive capabilities and scalability, there are instances where bespoke solutions are essential. This requires the expertise of public cloud professionals capable of going beyond the basics, integrating their technical proficiency with the specific demands and challenges of an organisation.

The Private Cloud

Private cloud professionals need to be perfectionists, particularly from a security and networking standpoint, as they'll be responsible for protecting all of the sensitive information of an organisation. Finding the masterminds who can set these up just right isn't easy.

The Hybrid Cloud

Then there are the hybrid cloud specialists, tasked with seamlessly blending on-site technologies with private and public cloud infrastructures to craft optimal solutions. However, locating these professionals is difficult, as they need to have multifaceted skills and hands-on experience with the organisation's unique tech stack.

PaaS/IaaS Specialists

Not to be overlooked are PaaS and IaaS experts, who lay the groundwork for the seamless operation of applications and services in the cloud. These individuals need to be versatile, encompassing both development and operational competencies in cloud services, rendering them highly sought-after in the tech landscape.

Top Tips For Finding Cloud Talent

With these experts being so rare, how do you actually find them? Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Invest in training: make sure your existing team has relevant certifications like AWS Certified Solutions Architect or Google's Professional Cloud Architect.

  • Engage specialist cloud recruiters: leverage the expertise of specialised recruiters like Glocomms, who have in-depth knowledge of the cloud computing domain, vast networks of professionals, and are able to identify candidates with niche skills.

  • Enhance tech benefits packages: offer exciting projects and opportunities for career advancement to attract tech professionals with the right skills.

  • Explore freelance opportunities: consider hiring freelance talent for short-term projects as a temporary solution while scouting for permanent hires.

Looking for Cloud Talent?

The search for the perfect cloud expert is tricky. With a little strategy and some savvy searching, you can lock down the pros who will help you make the most of the cloud. Partnering with Glocomms means you don't have to go it alone. We've got the connections and know-how to connect you with hard-to-find professionals with the niche cloud skills you're looking for.

Glocomms has the experience, the experts, and the enthusiasm to make sure your business doesn't just keep up, but stands out. Request a call back by clicking below:


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