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Tech in Marketing: Is Einstein GPT the Game-Changer?

Posted in August 2023

Marketing Cloud

In the ever-evolving realm of technology, Salesforce has consistently stood out as a pioneering force, driving innovation and refining business processes across industries. Jordan Spearman, Principal Consultant at Glocomms, delves into one of the platform’s recent integrations that has the tech world buzzing: Einstein GPT with the Marketing Cloud.

Einstein GPT: Beyond the Hype

Salesforce's introduction of Einstein GPT to its ecosystem has revolutionized the way marketing leaders design and develop web assets. The capability to rapidly and accurately curate website landing pages for events, suggest ideal text lengths, incorporate relevant photos, add textual content, and generate sign-up forms all within minutes, is truly groundbreaking.

But, as with all great innovations, this begs the question: is the inclusion of Einstein GPT genuinely beneficial for the day-to-day operations of marketing professionals, or is it merely another complex layer to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Jordan Spearman remarks, "Innovation is more than just the integration of new tools; it's about how these tools tangibly impact everyday workflows and create value. With Einstein GPT, we're seeing a blend of potential and practicality that's hard to ignore."

In Practice: Einstein GPT’s Real-World Impact

Glocomms has been at the frontline, aiding some of their significant Salesforce Platinum partner clients by providing them with proficient Salesforce Marketing Cloud freelancers. This has been instrumental in optimizing their email and SMS marketing strategies.

The outcome? "An impressive doubling in customer retention. This leap in results can be attributed to a meticulous understanding of customer traffic and subsequently sending tailored emails, crafted using tools like Ampscript, HTML, and CSS."

A Balanced Perspective

While the advantages of Einstein GPT integration are undeniable, it's essential to assess its role in the broader marketing landscape. Is it the ultimate tool that drastically simplifies the life of every marketing professional? Perhaps not. However, for those equipped with the right skill set and understanding of its features, Einstein GPT can indeed be the foundation for an elevated marketing strategy.

Looking to Hire?

It's an exhilarating era for technology in marketing. Platforms like Salesforce, with their continuous innovations, are pushing the boundaries of what's possible. As businesses grapple with these emerging tools, voices like Jordan Spearman's provide the insight and expertise to navigate the terrain efficiently.

If your organization is on the hunt for top-tier talent to harness the power of these innovations, don't hesitate. Reach out to us by completing the form below and let's explore how we can drive your business forward with the right people in place.