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Navigating the Future: The Untapped Potential of Tech Freelancers

Posted in August 2023

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In a constantly evolving global tech landscape, the way we work and the nature of our roles are being reshaped. Notably, in the midst of significant upheavals in the corporate sector, a silver lining has emerged for tech professionals – the growing demand for contractor/freelance positions.

A Corporate Shift

The corporate space, a traditionally stable pillar of the job market, is experiencing unprecedented shifts. Mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, and, unfortunately, downsizing have become all too common, creating a volatile market. These changes are, in many cases, driven by a desire to streamline operations, optimize costs, and adapt to the digital age.

However, as is often the case, as one door closes another one opens.

The Surge in Freelancing Opportunities

It's encouraging to observe that in tandem with these corporate changes, there's been a marked increase in contractor/freelance opportunities within the tech sector. Why is this happening?

  1. Flexibility: The dynamic nature of tech projects often requires diverse skill sets for short durations. Freelancers can step in, provide their expertise, and move on to the next project, offering companies agility in their operations.

  2. Cost-Efficiency: Hiring a full-time specialist can be expensive, especially when their specific skills are only needed temporarily. Freelancers present a cost-effective alternative.

  3. Diverse Talent: Freelancers often wear many hats and have experience across different projects and industries. This diversity can bring fresh perspectives and innovative solutions.

A Call to Specialists Affected by Redundancy

The tech world's heartbeat lies in its specialists – those who possess niche skills that are not widely available but are crucial for time-critical tasks. To those of you who have faced downsizing or redundancies, especially with such specialized skill sets, the freelance market is a promising arena.

Here are some steps to begin your freelancing journey:

  • Market Research: Understand the demand for your skills. Which industries are looking for your expertise? Are there specific regions or countries with a higher demand?

  • Networking: Join online platforms such as LinkedIn, attend webinars, participate in online forums, and engage in tech communities. The more you network, the more opportunities you'll come across.

  • Upgrading Skills: The tech world is continually evolving. Ensure that your skills remain relevant by taking online courses or qualifications, attending workshops, and reading up on the latest trends.

  • Branding: Create a professional portfolio showcasing your projects, skills, and testimonials. This will serve as your digital resume and attract potential clients.

  • Legal and Financial: Understand the legal implications of freelancing, be it contracts, taxes, or insurance. Seek advice if necessary, and make sure you're protected.

Working with Glocomms

The world of work is evolving, with flexibility, adaptability, and agility becoming the watchwords of the hour. For hiring managers considering expanding their teams, this presents a unique and timely opportunity. While the traditional allure of permanent positions remains strong, it's vital to also consider the growing pool of freelance talent that can bring fresh perspectives and niche expertise to your projects.

Glocomms stands at the forefront of this change, connecting businesses with experienced tech freelancers. Partnering with us not only ensures you get access to this invaluable talent pool but also positions you a step ahead in the competitive tech landscape. Many competitors are still primarily looking in the permanent hiring space, potentially missing out on the dynamism and unique skill sets freelancers offer.

We highly recommend reaching out to Shahanaz Rahman at Glocomms. Shahanaz's expertise in this sector will help you understand how tapping into the freelance market can offer you that competitive edge, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.

Considering a freelancer with Glocomms could be the game-changing decision your company needs. Get in touch by requesting a call back below, and let’s explore how we can redefine the future of tech talent acquisition for your firm together.

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