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How to Reject a Candidate and Gain a Brand Advocate

Posted in November 2019

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​When recruiting within the busy UK technology sector, it is likely you are fielding a wide range of talented candidates, and unfortunately not all of them can win the role you’re advertising. You will need to reject candidates at each stage of your recruitment process as you narrow down to your next employee.

From a candidate’s point of view, nothing is worse than taking the effort to go through an application and interview process and then hear nothing back from the employer. This frustration can lead to lost connections and the candidate leaving negative reviews of their experience, which can damage your overall employer brand.

Communicating with rejected candidates isn’t the easiest task, but should be done professionally and with respect for their time and effort. This article outlines the best way to reject a candidate in your hiring process, and gain a brand advocate who will feel encouraged to apply for future roles.

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