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Challenges & Opportunities in Recruitment - the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Market

Posted in October 2023

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"The Salesforce Cloud Commerce market in Europe has been steadily picking up over the last few months. Companies are now looking for headless and composable experts to support them with their upgrade projects going into 2024," says Seb Kabanje, Senior Vice President at Glocomms.

Over the last few years, the e-commerce space has boomed and is continuing to grow. Seb Kabanje - Glocomms Salesforce Commerce Cloud expert and Senior Vice President – talks about the latest hiring trends in the Salesforce Commerce Cloud market in Europe, the impact of emerging technologies, such as going headless or the integration of artificial intelligence into the Salesforce Cloud, and gives advice to professionals looking to enter the contracts market.

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  • Adapting to trends & technologies: Seb sheds light on how companies are adapting to new trends and technologies like headless and composable approaches, and new trends such as artificial intelligence, that were recently announced as being a core focus for the Salesforce Cloud at Dreamforce 2023.

  • Expert advice: Whether you're an industry professional or a company, benefit from Seb's invaluable advice and industry updates to understand the latest trends in Salesforce Commerce Cloud recruitment, learn what skills and qualifications are currently in demand, and discover what it takes to succeed in the contracts market.

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