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How to Leave Your Job Without Burning Bridges

Posted in November 2019

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​There are many reasons why workers leave their jobs in the UK technology sector. You may have grown sick of your commute, have a boss who has made your working life unbearable, or you have simply found a role which pays a much higher salary. However, when it comes to quitting your current role, it may be better to keep your reasons to yourself.

When you are quitting a role you’re glad to see the back of, it is best to leave your job on good terms rather than burn bridges, which may have an impact on your professional reputation further down the line of your banking career.

This guide will tell you the steps you need to take when leaving your job in a manner which is tactful and graceful, from composing your official notice of resignation through to what to do on your final day to ensure you leave on the best note possible.


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