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Resume Writing Tips For Contractors

Posted in February 2018

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​When it comes to securing a job, the resume is used across almost all industries and levels. A contractor resume has a different function than a traditional resume. Although in essence it is the same – in that it displays the work history of a contractor – it has a slightly different purpose.

Contractors provide solutions

Before hiring an employee for a permanent position, there are various factors to consider, including skillset, long-term value to the business, and culture fit. A contractor is a different story altogether as this is often a short or fixed-term position created to add temporary skills or fill a resource gap.

As a contractor, you are there to provide a solution to a problem, project requirements are often very specific. A contractor resume is about presenting your experience and showing how this positions you as the best person to fill this gap. The recruitment timeline for contractor roles is often short, so you need to get across your experience and instill confidence immediately.

Results are Key

A contractor is a short-term partner, the company is buying into your skills and industry experience. Although contractors often cost more in the short term, it is vital that you hit the ground running on a project and immediately deliver results. Problem solving skills, initiative, and the ability to achieve – and exceed – KPIs, are all essential qualities for a contractor.1

We have extensive experience helping contractors present their skills to potential employers. Here are our top tips for contractors looking to build a strong resume:

  1. Summarize

  2. Show, don’t tell

  3. Adapt

  4. Aim for Impact

  5. Be assertive

  6. Go the extra mile

  7. Prioritize

When you are starting out, the education section of your resume is often the most important part. As a graduate, a degree from a prestigious university can help you get a foot in the door. However, after several years of experience in the field, it is unlikely this is something you will be asked about in detail, so it should default from the start to the end of your resume. Although a prestigious university can help support an already positive impression, it’s having the experience that counts.5

Top tip: Your resume is a sales tool

This is not the time to be humble. Equally, this is no time to take credit for projects you didn’t work on. Be factual, and shout loud and clear about your best achievements. In the digital age, we are all brands, so make sure that you give yourself the best sales pitch possible. Think of your resume as a piece of marketing collateral to sell yourself to potential ‘customers’ (that is: employers). Just describing the duties you performed doesn’t effectively get across how you carried out the role, so you need to focus on the results you achieved and how this better positions you for the contract.

We are experts when it comes to filling contractor roles and helping contractors secure work. If you’re a contractor looking for a new opportunity or a business hoping to secure a contractor for a project get in touch today.


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